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Never Outshine the Master

  • 上映年代:2016  
  • 别名:7NA: Never Outshine the Master / 7even Nation Army
  • 类型:剧情 , 喜剧 , 动作 , 传记
  • 地区:瑞典 , 西班牙
  • 主演: 德拉戈米尔·米希克
  • 更新时间:

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《Never Outshine the Master》又名7NA: Never Outshine the Master、7even Nation Army。

Based on the first film of The 7even Nation Army trilogy. One of the greatest criminal stories begins with the two best friends Joey B. and Philip Fox, and how they managed to manipulate Malaga's richest and most powerful people. With the right kind of manipulation and extortion they will rise to **** power than they ever imagined. By dedicating their lives to the 48 laws of po...